Terms & Conditions

All vehicles have comprehensive passenger liability insurance. No baggage insurance is provided.

All drivers are fully trained and experienced.

All vehicles used are fully serviced and maintained according to South African road safety rules and regulations.

Rates are nett and subject to any fuel increase which may occur until deposit is received.

(SHUTTLE/CHAUFFEUR) A deposit of 50% of the total quotation is required to confirm the booking.

(SHUTTLE/CHAUFFEUR) Balance of payments is required in full 3 days prior to commencement of services.

Vehicles chartered at peak periods are subject to 25% cancellation fees if cancelled within one month of service. Full rate is levied if cancelled within one week.

Premier Shuttle works with Payfast to execute its transactions and are bound the clauses below:

+ PayFast makes every effort to ensure the security and integrity of your account and we make use of sophisticated systems to accomplish this. You understand however, that there is a compromise made between the extent of these security systems and the inconvenience to you, the user.

+ You understand that security still relies heavily on the use of a username and password and undertake to contact us at once if you believe your username and password have been compromised, or if someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without your permission.

+ PayFast strongly suggests that you use a web browser with 128-bit encryption or better. However, regardless of whether you use a web browser with security features or not, PayFast is unable to guarantee that data transmitted and is secure and/or will not be intercepted by third parties.

+ Phishing is a form of fraud where criminals attempt to access your confidential information. This is done by an email request for information, by luring you to a fake website or some other such means. In any case of phishing, PayFast will respond as quickly as possible to alert users to the threat or to mitigate the threat. No guarentee is given as to this action however, and PayFast will not be held liable for any funds lost as a result of a User falling prey to a phishing attack. It is the responsibility of the User to be aware of such potential threats, to avoid them and to report them to PayFast upon discovery.

+ PayFast reserves the right to implement any security measures deemed appropriate to lower or negate fraudulent transactions, which may result in certain payments a User (as a receiver), or from a User (as a sender), being disallowed.